Gabe has always been a creative individual.about_pic01
Whether it was ‘defacing’ the inside of a workbook
with artwork when he was younger 
or creating
to be used on school yearbooks,
the need to create has always been a part of his life.

Although now proficient with digital tools, the need to create with traditional mediums is still a very important aspect in his creative process.
He attended Seneca’s three year Animation program where he graduated with a Diploma in Animation in 2008.
His strongest skills are in traditional 2D Layout and Design and 3D Modeling and Texturing/Surfacing.
He has worked with Chris Landreth one on one to create certain 3D assets for Chris’ short film ‘The Spine’.
He was the only member of the 3D department for Keyframe Digital Pictures Toronto which greatly stretched out the amount of knowledge he now has for Maya and other 3D packages.
He has worked on movies such as Jack the Giant Slayer and Haunter and TV productions like Lost Girl,
Warehouse 13 and Nickolodeon’s Planet Sheen.
Software experience includes but may not be limited to: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, BodyPaint 3D, Shake, Nuke, Mari, Final Cut, Premiere, 3Delight, xNormal, Crazy Bump, Linux, Unix